Monday, October 1, 2007

Rsizr - The Coolest Photo Editor Around

I learned about a new online photo editing service today. It's called Rsizr and it's not really an editing service, per se, but more a photo resizing service, hence the name. It offers your standard scaling and cropping, of course, but it also offers something new. According to their site: can also resize images using a new image resizing algorithm called seam carving (a method of image retargeting) that tries to keep intact areas in your image that are richer in detail.
It really is amazing, too. It can handle big photos, but when I tried it went pretty slow. If you just wanna test it out, use a lower res picture. Here's an example. I started out with this picture:

I uploaded it to Rsizr and told it to "retarget" the picture a little bit:

As you can see, it squashed the picture, but it kept the picture intact. The important aspects are preserved. Here's the same picture "retargeted" even further:

Check that out! Unbelievable, if you ask me. I'm forced to ask the question, why didn't someone think of this sooner? Oh, and get this, it even offers the ability to preserve aspects of the image that you don't want retargeted. You simply paint over them and then do your resizing. Say for example I wanted to squished the picture above the same way, but leave the house the same size. Here's what I'd get:

And what if I wanted to make it a short and fat picture, you ask? Is that possible? It certainly is! You'd get this:

It makes the road look a tad weird, but it works! Oh, and you might be asking if I could make the picture wider or taller, if I so wanted. Can I do that? Have a look:

Rsizr has to be the coolest photo editor I've seen in a long time. Definitely check it out. It's quite amazing. I can see myself using it a lot!

[found via downloadsquad]


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