Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lehigh Valley Apple Store Grand Opening!

Much to my surprise, my wonderful wife agreed to go with me to the grand opening of the new Apple Store in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. So we got up early and made the hour long drive. We arrived at about 9:25, but we couldn't find the store at first so we didn't get there until about 9:40. Twenty minutes to go.

When we got to the store, there were already about 300 people in line. But that was fine because the first thousand got free T-Shirts which, of course, is why we were there. :-)

At about 9:50, all the store employees come out cheering, clapping, and high-fiveing people. They walked the entire line of the crowd, greeting everyone. It was cool.

Finally, 10:00 arrived and the doors were opened, to cheering applause. They were only allowing so many people in at a time, so it was several more minutes until we got inside.

Oh, let me back up for a second. About 10 minutes before the Apple store opened, the Pottery Barn across the parking lot had a ribbon cutting celebration. They had about 10 people outside their store, while hundreds stood just across the way. So quite a few of us in the Apple line cheered when they did and one enthusiastic line stander even shouted, "go Pottery Barn!" :-)

So anyway, we finally got into the store. It was just like all the Apple Stores I've been in, except a lot more crowded. I got my first hands on experience with the new Nanos and man, are they thin! Even I was surprised.

But, we didn't buy anything, and after a few minutes of browsing, we left, free T-Shirts in hand. The shirts came in cool little cardboard boxes, complete with Apple logo. The shirts themselves are black and have the Apple logo on the front along with the words, "Lehigh Valley" while the back says in tiny print, "Designed by Apple in California."

It was a very fun outing, methinks. Even Shelsy enjoyed it. :-) I took several pictures of the event, too. Check 'em out.


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