Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mac: Sapiens - the Mouse Only App Launcher

I just found this application yesterday. It's a Mac only application launcher that relies entirely on the mouse. It also learns, intelligently, so they say, what applications you use and when you use them, so it can make recommendations. And they say it usually gets it right.

Once Sapiens is installed, you simply move your mouse in a circle on the screen and the launcher circle pops up, with all the applications it thinks you might need arranged in priority. I've only been using it for a day, so I can't make any comments on it's learning ability. But it has a humorous little status bar in the settings showing how far along the AI is in learning your application launching habits. Mine is set squarely on the bottom-most setting: monkey. I wonder how long before I'll reach the highest setting: smart looking alien. :-)

Sapiens is shareware, and they ask for donations if you like it.

Check out Sapiens here. and be sure to watch the Flash video on how to use it.


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