Monday, September 22, 2008

Visiting B&H and the Fifth Ave. Apple Store

Shelsy and I went back north for a visit last week and as part of the trip we got to go to New York City. Naturally, the geek in me couldn't visit NYC without checking out the B&H superstore and the glass cube Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. I've seen plenty of pictures of both, but never actually been to either.

The B&H store was pretty incredible. They had a seriously cool system of conveyer-belts and small elevators to move orders and inventory around the store. Green bins were constantly moving overhead while literal throngs of people moved about inside the store. It seemed like the store just kept going and going, with huge sections devoted to lighting, pro audio, computers, video cameras, etc. Everything was too expensive for me, of course, but it was a lot of fun to explore. I only took the one picture inside B&H becuase I didn't know what their policy about pictures was and I didn't want to get thrown out. :-)

The Apple Store was pretty quality, too. It was about four or five times the size of a typical mall Apple Store and it was all underground. The glass cube sits aboveground at the center of the store and has glass stairs and a glass elevator inside. The store itself has all the usual Mac products as well as a ton of third party accessories that smaller stores don't have.

Naturally, the store was considerably crowded. Apple Stores usually are. :-) But it was fun to finally check out the glass cube store. We also got to play with the new iPod Nanos, which are pretty darn sweet. We actually got Shelsy one of the pink ones for her birthday, so I'll be posting a review shortly.

So it was a fun trip to NYC. I've always wanted to visit these two stores and I'm glad we finally got to go. Shelsy was fairly bored stiff, but she humored me. :-)


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