Sunday, January 20, 2008

Anniversary Sunday

Today was our actual anniversary! How exciting! Today was also a lot different than we'd planned on it being yesterday. :-) We went to Metro Life Church and enjoyed it a lot. It was different, but not so much that we felt out of place. Having missed last Sunday, it was nice to get to church this week.

After that, we had planned on going to SeaWorld, but we didn't end up getting back from church until around 2 and SeaWorld closed at 6, so we couldn't justify spending an arm and a leg on admission to only be there for 4 hours. So...we changed plans mid-drive and headed to Downtown Disney to visit the Disney Marketplace instead. We figured that would be a good thing to do with half a day left. Apparently everyone else in the entirety of Orlando had the same idea because parking was non-existent.

Once we got in, we visited the World of Disney store, which is about eighteen times larger than your average Disney Store. We bought a few things, including a Mickey antenna topper for Shelsy's car. :-)

After that, we decided to go out for our anniversary dinner. And what better place to go than the always excellent Rainforest Cafe? Especially seeing as how Shelsy's never been there before. It was awesome all the way around. We had a fishtank literally right next to our was quality. We even got souvenir glasses with our drinks.

Tomorrow is Universal Studios and the incredibly cool Islands of Adventure! There will definitely be pictures and video from that day. :-) In the meantime, here's a quick compilation of some of the cool things from the Disney Marketplace.


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  1. Congratulations! The second year will go by even faster. Giddyup!