Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google's new GPS alternative

Google launched a new version of their Maps for Mobile program today and it comes with a truly amazing feature. If you've used Maps for Mobile before, you know what an amazing help it is when trying to get directions or look up a business address. This new feature makes it way better. :-)

It's called My Location and it's a way to find where you are on the map, even if your phone doesn't have GPS! It uses cell tower triangulation to figure out where you are within several hundred feet. Google promises it will get more accurate with time. I tried it, and it got my location almost dead on. It's pretty slick!

I am incredibly excited about this. I will probably use it daily. Google promises that they don't record any user identifiable information (cell number, name, etc) when you find your location. Whether you buy that or not is up to you. I personally don't really care if Google knows where I am, but if you do, and you're worried about it, the My Location feature can be turned off.

The dot even auto updates itself if you're driving or walking. Check out the video above for a demonstration of how it works. You can read about it on Google's Mobile Blog, Engadget, or Lifehacker as well. If you want to download it, simply use your phone's browser to visit


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  1. Sweet! I can always count on your to keep me up to date with great programs and this one works great with my phone.

    Thanks! -Steve