Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The WaterBouy - never lose your stuff overboard again!

Have you ever been on a ship, marveling at the scenery, when suddenly, the ship hits an iceburg and your expensive camera falls overboard, your memory card full of pictures never to be seen again? Me neither.

But! If such a tradgedy were to happen, you could be prepared with the WaterBouy. It's a very interesting idea, that could definitely be useful for some people. You just attach the small device to any object (keys, camera, GPS, etc) and you're good. If the WaterBouy is submerged, within seconds, a compressed gas chamber will fill the balloon, lifting up to 1kg, and activate a super bright LED which they promise is visible at night from 250 meters away. Pretty impressive. You can buy them from the WaterBouy website for about $26.

I really want one of these things and I'm not even on the water very often. :-)

[found via Gizmodo]


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