Monday, September 24, 2007

Google Shared Stuff

In case you haven't discovered or heard about this yet, Google very quietly launched a new service. Compared to Gmail or Maps, it's extremely tiny and rather un-exciting. Until you realize the potential. It's called Google Shared Stuff and, in a nutshell, it's your own personal way to share things online. Think of it as an extremely simple blog where you share links, videos, pictures, etc, that you find around the Internet.

You just create a page, then drag the Share button to your toolbar. When you find something cool, just click on it. From there, you can either email it directly to friends (it even auto completes from your Gmail address list), post it to your shared page, or post it to other bookmarking services, like Delicious.

And the pages are RSSable, meaning you can subscribe to the feed from my shared page. How awesome is that? It even has a main page where I can see all the things my friends have been sharing. I don't have any friends using the service yet, but I will. :-)

Check out my shared stuff page. There are only a few things on there, but I'm sharing more all the time. :-) Oh, and this is the page for the main Shared Stuff site. Definitely check it out. It could be huge.


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