Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now we're in Maine!

Day two was even better than the first. We started the day by driving the 15 minutes from our hotel to Hartford, Connecticut. The first place we went was to Elizabeth Park and to the oldest municipal rose garden in the United States. It was beautiful. It was much bigger than we thought and we had a good time wandering around looking at and taking pictures of the flowers. :-)

Next we drove into downtown Hartford. The roads were very confusing, but we eventually found a place to park. We wandered around the city for a little while and walked to the riverfront of the Connecticut River. But, naturally, being stupid tourists, we didn't know which river it was, so we had to look it up.

After that, we continued our drive, eventually making it to Maine. After checking into our hotel (an old looking, slightly creepy Econo Lodge (that Shelsy insists is not old looking and is in fact, quite cute), we drove into downtown Portland to get Shelsy her authentic Maine lobster that she's been looking forward to the entire trip. We found it at the Portland Lobster Company. The place was a very small, local place with a deck on a wharf sticking out into the water. But before long, our lobster shaped buzzer (seriously) started vibrating and the lobster was ready.

After dinner, we walked around Portland for a while, and saw a curiously funny building, and a Canadian-esque license plate. :-)

We thought the night was over, but on the drive home, we screeched to a stop and snapped a picture of a Moose Crossing sign. Only in Maine, right?


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  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Hi there,

    Nice trip, thank you for sharing. As for moose crossing sign, you may see it in Vermont also. If you like traveling and French language I recommend you to visit Quebec City. It is really beautiful; they have very good food and a wonderful coffee.