Friday, June 29, 2007

Arriving in Canada!

We made it, folks. After oversleeping slightly in Maine, we drove to Freeport to get breakfast in the coolest McDonalds ever. Then we began the long trek to Canada.

The drive was very scenic, but very uneventful. Just long stretches of pine trees as far as you could see. There were random Moose Crossing signs along the way, though, and Shelsy was really hoping to actually see one. Suddenly, she leaned forward and stared out the window. I watched as her head turned and watched something go past.

"That was a moose!" She insisted. I looked in the mirror as we drove on and sure enough, two huge moose (mooses? ...moosen?) were climbing up the grass toward the highway. They seemed to be daring anyone to keep them from crossing. :-)

After that, we stopped briefly at a scenic view pull-off of mount Something-or-other (gotta look that up) which was very beautiful. The picture doesn't even come close to capturing how cool it looked and how powerful it was off in the distance.

Our next stop was in Hourton, Maine for gas. Well...let's just say that we hope never to have to visit Hourton again. They were all crazy! We went into Walmart and literally six or seven times (including in the parking lot) people would just stop in front of us and stand there completely blocking the way. Seriously! In Dunkin Donuts there were also people blocking the way. And the woman behind the counter kept totaling up our order without asking if we wanted anything else. We kept having to say, "um, no, we want more." Gah! We were very happy to move on. Oh, and the crazy town had a majorly ancient looking Rollerskating Rink called, "Rollerama." That about sums up Hourton.

The next exiting thing that happened was crossing the border into Canada! It was very easy. We pulled up and the nice man behind the window said hello in both English and French (yep, it was Canada all right). He asked us your typical border patrol questions ("bringing any weapons?" "How long are you staying,") and a few seconds later we were on our way.

Hours of scenic driving later, and we were in our hotel at last. We met Heidi and Tim and their families, watched the rehearsal and hung out for dinner afterwards. It was fun even though we knew so few people. The wedding is tomorrow and we're excited. :-) We shall report back then.


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