Monday, September 11, 2006

Vaporize the Trash!,71757-0.html

A county in Florida has recently announced plans for an exciting new way to dispose of garbage. They're going to build a "Plasma-arc gasification" plant. The article describes it in more detail, but here's how it will work.

Trash will be carried in on a conveyer belt and dumped down tall cylinders. Inside the cylinders, lightening-like arcs of plasma will heat the trash to over 10,000 degrees F. The resulting gas will be burned to generate electricity. This process will produce less polution than coal or natural gas plants.

They claim that they can handle 3,000 tons of trash a day, meaning they can clear their 4.3 million ton landfill in only 18 years.

If it really works, this could completely revolutionize the way we dispose of waste. Read the'll be surprised at some of the numbers in there.


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