Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Google Notebook Released!


First impression? Wow! This is such a great idea and it seems to be implimented very well. You can add notes that include pictures, web site addresses, text, links, anything. And you can then access your notebook from anywhere.

But get this...
In a one-up over current bookmark saving services, Google Notebook allows you to install a Firefox extension that provides instant access to your Notebook. You can even highlight a bunch of text and pictures, then right click and hit Note This. The text, pictures, links, etc. are all copied to your notebook with all formatting intact!

You can then make the notebook public so others can search and access your research. This is going to be an amazingly helpful product for students and teachers...imagine researching a project and then sharing all your research with classmates. Wow...I'm very excited about this...it's going to change the way I research things online!

Read more at Google News.


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