Saturday, April 15, 2006

Google Calendar!!

This is probably old news for those of you who scour the 'Net on your own, but I haven't really been checking the news for the last few days due to being on Spring Break. :-)

But yes! It finally happened! The Google Calendar has been released. And man, it's sweet. With it, you can not only do standard calendar tasks, but you can also share your calendar with whoever you want, create multiple calendars, share RSS feeds of your appointments with others, create invitations to invite friends to your events, import calendar data from dozens of sources, etc.

It even integrates with Gmail. When someone sends you an email with the date of an event, Google recognizes that and gives you a direct link to add the event to your calendar. It's really cool. Give it a try...if you do any type of calendaring at all online, you'll see immediately why this is so great!

Read more at Google News.


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