Wednesday, March 1, 2006

R.I.P. Jeeves

Two days ago, the well known search engine, Ask Jeeves, made a major change to their image. Believe it or not, Jeeves is gone. They are now simply and they've redesigned their whole interface to make it more user-friendly. This change stems from the company's efforts to catch up to Google.

We'll be sorry to see him go. Here's Jeeves' official retirement page.

But this brings up an interesting point. With Google being so powerful and so trusted, should users try other services? Companies like Yahoo, MSN, and others are all adding new services and tools to attract users, and some of them are pretty cool. But so is Google. I honestly don't know...I like seeing new toys and tools from other companies, but Google consistently meets my needs, so why use something else?

What do you think?