Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Starting to read again

I used to love to read. I remember spending hours in book stores ad libraries, perusing the shelves. In book stores, I usually hung out in the paperback aisles, since that's all I could afford. I spent lots of money on paperback books, and loved almost all of them. At the library, I'd spring for hardbacks, an expensive luxury in the stores.

I could recommend dozens of books that I read in those days, and in some cases, I still do.
Lately, though, I've fallen off. Between work, the kids, and all of my DIY homeowner projects, I haven't had the time to read books like I used to. I still read, a lot actually. Just not books. I've been reading blogs, tech news, and longform articles for years now, and they have slowly replaced books as my primary reading material.

I've tried to get back into book reading in the past. I've owned a Nook ereader and a Nook tablet, but neither were perfect for various reasons (both sold on eBay long ago). I've also tried reading ebooks on my phone, but that didn't work for me either due to distractions and battery concerns.

Well, I'm trying again. I now have a Kindle Paperwhite which I can honestly say is the nicest ereader I've ever used. I'll write another post about the Kindle later, but for now, I'll say that it is helping facilitate my renewed attempt at reading again. I want to get back into the habit of reading books regularly. I miss getting absorbed in a story and really enjoying a story. I want my children to grow up seeing me reading a lot.

So let's get started. I just finished a non-fiction book about how to improve the workplace, and now I'm reading a military thriller fiction book. I set up profile on Goodreads (add me as a friend if you want), and I'll report back with any books I find particularly enjoyable.

Reading is something I used to love. I want to love it again.

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