Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Analyzing distances in Madagascar 3

This is something I originally posted on Google+ back in October, but I thought it would be a good fit for the blog, too. Plus, the more I watch the movie, the more I think about this stuff...and with little kids, you tend to watch movies over and over. And over and over.

Anyway, within the first 10 minutes of Madagascar 3, the group decides they are just going to "go find the penguins," and the next minute they are in the water of Monte Carlo.

If you recall, in the first movie, the animals are being sent to a wildlife reserve in Kenya, but the ship instead crashes on the beach in Madagascar. In the second movie, the whole gang decides to fly from Madagascar back to New York, but they crash at a wildlife reserve somewhere in Africa...we are never told where. Since the first movie mentioned a reserve in Kenya, so we could assume they crashed at the same reserve. Given that assumption, that means that the 3rd movie told us nothing about how they managed to travel THIRTY-FIVE HUNDRED miles in one scene cut:

 Or we could assume that in the second movie, the plane flew allllllll the way to Algeria or Libya before crashing. Looking at the satellite, the closest area with trees and water is about 800 miles from the coast. But let's ignore that. Let's assume they landed in a wildlife reserve directly ON the coast of Tunisia. This is, of course, impossible, as that whole coast is very populated. Even if they were on the coast, it would mean swimming almost 500 miles to Monte Carlo, and swimming around the huge island of Sardinia off Italy.:

Another clue is the volcano from the second movie. Looking at active volcanos in Africa, the vast majority of them are in Kenya or Etheopia. So that goes nicely with the reserve in Kenya theory.

The northernmost active volcano in Africa is in in Libya. So if we assume that's the volcano from the movie, it's still 1300 miles to Monte Carlo. Traveling through straight up desert most of the time.

Either way, this would be a serious undertaking for animals. It would be a journey that should have been covered in the movie. Shame on the writers for spending more time discussing the air ducts breaking INTO the casino instead of the 500-3500 mile journey TO the casino. For shame.


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