Friday, February 26, 2010

Filming in 3D!

I've been dabbling in 3D video production recently. I got the original idea from this post on Engadget, and decided to try it. I used the two cameras I already had, and after a quick trip to Home Depot, built a custom bracket using wooden yardsticks and some bolts. Total cost: $3. The basic idea of 3D filming isn't complicated at all. We see 3D in real life because we have two eyes, which are 2-3 inches apart, letting each eye see an ever-so-slightly different view of the world. Our brains overlap these two images and that slight difference lets us perceive distance.

So to shoot a video in 3D, all you need are two cameras with the lenses 2-3 inches apart, recording at the same time. The cameras should both be bolted down so they are always pointing at the same thing. Once you have your video footage from both cameras, all you have to do is overlap the two camera angles. There are lots of video editing programs that can handle this type of editing, but the easiest way to do it is by using YouTube.

Look for a more detailed how-to post later. I'll go over exactly how to shoot, edit, and upload a 3D video using YouTube. For now, grab your 3D glasses (either red/cyan, amber/blue, or magenta/green) and check out the two 3D videos I've already made: Amber Crawling in 3D and A 3D visit to the park. I highly recommend watching fullscreen for the best effect. :-)