Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disqus comments

After more than 350 posts here at The Dastardly Report, I have finally moved to a more robust comment system. Blogger's default comment system leaves a lot to be desired (though it did get much better back in 2008) and it's not nearly as intuitive as comments on most other platforms across the Internet.

Disqus not only has a much cleaner and easier to use commenting interface, it also brings a slew of extra features. You can now log in via Facebook, Twitter, or  your Disqus account. If you have an account at Disqus, you can track your comments across all sites that use Disqus and your profile stays the same no matter what site you're commenting on.

A number of popular websites use Disqus, including Mashable, PaidContent, and AllThingsD.

So this change will allow for easier commenting, and may even drive some new traffic my way. If you read this via a feed reader, the comment count at the bottom should continue to stay correct. This is somewhat of a work in progress, so bear with me as I make these changes.