Monday, May 5, 2008

Mario Kart Wii

Things have been really busy lately what with moving and all. But we still found time to buy one of the video games we've been looking forward to for months. Mario Kart Wii!

Simply put, the game rocks. I'm actually writing this while playing it with friends. The method of controlling the game by driving the cars by turning the wheel like a car wheel is something I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I do. I figured I'd give it a try, but quickly switch to using the Wii remote and nunchuck to drive similar to the N64 version of the game that I'm used to.

But no way, man. Driving with the steering wheel is really cool. You feel like you have so much more minute control over the steering of the characters. It really is fun. If you get the game, I urge you to spend the first few days forcing yourself to use the wheel instead of switching back to the standard controls.

The game itself is very similar to Mario Kart games past. All the usual aspects are there, with quite a few fun additions. The new tracks are a lot of fun, albeit somewhat busy. There's a lot going on in each track with a million things trying to kill you. Despite that, the game is still one of the best Wii games yet.

I'd invite everyone over to play it, but in another day or two, our TV and Wii will be safely in boxes. :-)


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