Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cleaning out my address book

So I thought I was all socially connected, with over 500 contacts in my Gmail address book. I'm sure there are people with more, but for me, I was impressed with my 500. Then today I took a look through the address book, intending to delete old ones.

Well, I ended up deleting more than old ones. I'd forgotten that Gmail automatically adds addresses I send to to the address book. So all the Craigslist email addresses, all the friend's cellphones, all the tech support emails I've sent...they were all in there. After an extensive cleaning (and time consuming, 'cause Gmail only lets you delete 20 at a time), I now have an address book clear of junk addresses...and with now under 300 entries.

Guess I'm not as connected as I thought. :-)


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