Monday, January 28, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled life

In other news, we are now returned from Florida...which is sad. We had an absolutely awesome time and can't wait to go back. Everything went great except for that one incident of the locked room with the key inside. Still don't want to talk about it. :-)

I'll be writing that post about the Keys to the Kingdom tour sometime this week. Keep an eye out for it.

Here are some more videos that I didn't have time to put together while we were there. Enjoy!

This one shows a few clips from the newly updated Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The part at the beginning was extremely cool...there was a wall of fog falling from the archway and the face of Davy Jones was projected onto it so that we sailed right through him. Way cool:

And this video has clips from the parade at Animal Kingdom and the Spectro Magic parade at Magic Kingdom:

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