Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Update

Slightly disappointing so far. Only got a few things and not many of them are to sell. So I basicly spent money on just myself. Here's the story thus far...

Our first stop was going to be Staples. So we headed to where we thought there was a Staples but found nothing. Lo and behold, the closest staples is over 40 minutes from the other stores. Blah. So we bagged that even though most of what we wanted was there and went to Best Buy. Got a 22" LCD monitor there as well as a few gifts, and then headed over to Circuit City.

My dad was already there picking up a TV for my grandmother, so we met him there. And that's where we still are. We're waiting for Aaron to pay for his crap and come out.

After this, we'll either meet the girls at the mall or head to staples to see what's left. Not much, I'd imagine. :-(


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