Monday, September 10, 2007

Leverage the Power of Text Messages

I just found this website today. And it's got me fired up over the power of those tiny little things we call text messages. It's called TextMarks and it's quite amazing. It's all free and lets you seriously put text messages to work. For example, I just set one up for weather related closings at work. Up until now, I've been using the Google Send-to-phone Firefox extension, which works extremely well, but I had to send the message as many times as I had numbers to send to. That wasn't a big deal when I only had to send it to 15 people. But now that there are nearly 100 people on my list, it would take upwards of 45 minutes to do it individually last winter.

So this year, here's what I have to do. I send a text message from my phone and it automatically sends it to everyone who's subscribed. Everyone who wants to be updated about whether the building is closed or not simply needs to send a text message with a keyword to the TextMarks number and they're subscribed! It's that simple. The process this year will take me 30 seconds as opposed to 45 minutes. I like the sound of that!

Oh, and if you have a band or something and want fans to be able to get more information about your music via text message, you can set that up as well. You can change the auto reply text as often as you want. You can even get your text info printed on a T-Shirt so everyone can see it. This site has major power. I plan to take advantage of it!


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