Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding Recap and Pictures

The wedding that was years in the making has finally arrived. This past Saturday Mat and Steph got married. And it was a beautiful wedding, too. I was one of the groomsmen, making the first wedding I've been in, aside from my own...a notion which greatly confused Tom O'Neill. :-)

The ceremony was at Covenant Fellowship and the reception was at Shady Maple in Lancaster, PA. And, as promised, I took pictures and uploaded them in real time for both the rehearsal and the wedding itself. I only took 10 pictures, but you can check them out here.

Also, check out all the pictures Shelsy took at the ceremony.

After the wedding, the whole bridal party drove to the reception on the Party Bus! There was already wine on the bus, but Caleb got the driver to stop at a beer distributor. The results were quite entertaining.

Overall, it was an excellent wedding. And I'm sure it was perfect for everyone else...but I got nice and sick from drinking too much, so it was a tad rough for me. See, with me, there's zero middle ground; I'm either sober or sick, never drunk. Even at the wedding, I wasn't drunk, all my friends said I was acting totally normal, I was just very queasy and had a headache. So I took an hour long power-nap in the car and came back in just in time for the dancing. :-)

And needless to say, Shelsy drove home. But yeah, we had fun. It was definitely a quality wedding!


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