Thursday, June 14, 2007

Subtle signs of stress

It takes a lot to stress me out. I'm a pretty even keel kinda' person and even under extreme pressure, I don't freak out. I actually find that I work better under pressure. For example, this week we've been working on graduation stuff here at the office. It's been a madhouse...people running to and fro, things to be done, deadlines passing, and always something else to be done.

Even under pressure like that, I find myself relatively stress free. However...I noticed today that there are subtle signs when the stress of the day starts to get to me. I find that my shoes come off, and the techno music goes up. By the end of the day today, my music was vibrating the walls of my office and my shoes had been off for hours. I still wouldn't have considered myself stressed, but it was the first time I noticed the subtle signs.

And I have one more day of it tomorrow. Thank goodness for Internet radio.


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