Monday, May 21, 2007


Well. As the entire rest of the world now knows, I was checking out the site the other day. It's actually a pretty cool site, a social network for movie reviews. They had a feature similar Facebook's which allows you to enter your Gmail account information and it will search to see if you have any friends who are already using Flixter. Well, I checked and it turns out that a few of my friends did actually already have accounts.

Cool, I thought. But I didn't realize that all the email addresses in my address book that didn't have accounts yet were still checked off. So when I clicked to add friends, I sent an invite to every single email address in my Gmail address book...nearly 400 people. I realized my mistake as soon as I clicked the button and I immediately stopped the page loading, but it was too late. The damage had been done.

Clearly even us geeks aren't above the accidental sending-to-our-entire-address-book mistakes.

My address book contains almost everyone I've ever sent an email to...friends, family, co-workers, co-workers from previous jobs, business contacts, people I've conducted eBay transactions with, radio station personalities I've emailed, blah, blah. A huge mess.

But my address book didn't just contain normal email also included the address I use to publish to this blog, the address I use to post Flickr photos, the address I use to send things to my Wii, etc. So I had a blog post to delete and I got an email back from Flickr saying my upload had failed. Just grand.

So I definitely had some damage control to do. I was forced to send another email to my entire address book explaining the snafu. Double embarrassing.

The only bright side is that I've gotten back close to 100 "delivery failed" messages. So, if I actually go through my address book and delete all those old ones, then some good might come of this.


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