Monday, November 13, 2006

Wedding Plans Update

The invitations are almost done! For those who don't know, we are doing things a little differently and making DVDs for our wedding invitations. They will be video DVDs, playable in any DVD player. The video will be Shelsy and myself telling our story. Should be fun. :-)

I finished editing the video yesterday and have just a few more fine tuning things to do before it's completely done. Right now, I'm working on burning the Lightscribe images onto the tops of all the blank DVDs. I love's really cool.

More updates to come...maybe I'll even make the video available on YouTube. :-)




  1. One thing to say "Oh Sweet!"

    Oh, wait two. About time you posted something.

  2. No way, DVD Invites! Now that is a genious idea. Leave it up to Ryan to pave the way with technology!

    Looking forward to it!