Thursday, August 17, 2006

Google Music Services

Google has just released a new set of services aimed at music information online. The first is an update to their instant messaging program, Google Talk. You can now set your status message to display whatever music track you happen to be listening to through Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, etc. Google will track what you listen to and display them at Google Music Trends organized by the top 20 songs. It's a way to see what the top songs in the world are in real time.

The second is a music search engine which will recognize when you search for an artist or song. For example, a search for Coldplay will bring up information about them as the first item. Click on more music results and you'll get all kinds of information about the artist, albums, songs and even lyrics for their music. This could be really helpful...I'm curious what they do with this in the future...

Read more at Google News.


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