Friday, June 23, 2006

Wonderful World of Wireless,71228-0.html

We are very quickly approaching the day where the Internet is truely available anywhere. EarthLink has completed their network in Anaheim, California, which will provide wireless Internet across the city for only $22 a month. Users can access it from their homes, cars, businesses, parks...anywhere.

EarthLink is also working on networks in Philadelphia and New Orleans, which will be activated at the end of 2006.

Then there's the network that EarthLink and Google are building together in San Francisco. If that goes well, Google could very well move to other cities as well.

I fully predict that within 10 years (probably a lot sooner), the Internet will be available wirelessly in most areas across the United States. Within my lifetime, we'll see total coverage across the globe, I'm convinced.

Oh, and get this... EarthLink partnered with a Korean company a while back to create Helio, a mobile phone company targted at young people. The phones have exclusive access directly to MySpace...kind of cool.

But EarthLink is discussing the possibility of making new Helio phones that can access the WiFi when you're in range of an EarthLink network, the phone automaticly transfers your call from the cell network, to the WiFi network and you start talking using VOIP. Crazy, huh? So, along with my predictions, I predict this...within 10 years, we'll see the elimination of the phone line as we know it today. Voice calls will still exist, but not like they do today. The future looks bright!

...come on, we need that worldwide WiFi network! :-D


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