Tuesday, June 20, 2006



There's a new music device taking aim at the iPod's market share...the MusicGremlin. It seems to one-up most other players on the market in some way. First of all, it downloads music wirelessly, no PC required.

You can scroll through the downloadable music from anywhere and as soon as there's a WiFi hotspot nearby, the device downloads the ones you selected and charges your credit card. Of course, you can also download via a PC and transfer your own collection as MP3 or WMA.

The article above gives a really nice summary of the device. My initial reaction was, "Yeah, but there are never hotspots around." But the article addresses that, too. I especially like the way it ended:

I don't think it will unseat the iPod. But who knows? As cities such as San Francisco and Chicago ponder making WiFi as easily available as an FM radio signal, MusicGremlin could become the must-have music machine.
This is certainly a really cool device that has the potential to set the bar for devices to come. I'll certainly be watching it closely and we'll see what happens. :-)

Read more at Google News and a review of the device at Engadget.


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