Friday, June 2, 2006

eBay teams up with Yahoo!

This is big news. Don't worry, nobody's buying anybody else, but eBay and Yahoo have come to an agreement to share revenue for ads which will now be targeted across the Yahoo network. It's a big move and many worry it will alienate Google, something eBay cannot afford to do. Still, it's interesting.

In other news, Dell has already partnered with Google to provide software on new Dell PCs, but Dell just announced an alliance with Skype, the Internet telephone service that is, get this...owned by eBay. So Dell is, in effect, allying themselves with two warring rivals. That's a very interesting position for Dell to could prove very lucrative for them...or it could blow up in their face. We'll definitely be watching this one in the near future. :-)

Read more about Yahoo and eBay at Google News.

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