Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Google Press Day

So Blogger was being bad yesterday and wouldn't let me post anything. Here's what I was going to say about the Google Press Day:

Okay, here's the story. They released several new products...

Google Trends, which is mostly for advertisers and allows users to track searches

A health search vertical, which simply makes standard searches for health related terms more organized.

Google Co-op, which allows people and businesses to seriously enhance the way searches work. The same way you can do a search now and get instant movie times or weather, now you can search for a restaurant, say, and get instant information about reservations. And any company can make now integrate their service into search and individual users can "subscribe" to various search enhancers. This is very much in its infancy, but it's an amazing idea that has huge potential.

A new version of Desktop, which supports Gadgets (which are, in effect, Widgets)...this is sweet! Definitely check it out. Finally something to compete with the Yahoo! Widget Engine (aka Konfabulator). Hooray!

And finally, Google Notebook (link doesn't work yet), which isn't being released until next week. But it's a program that allows users to take notes while searching. It sounds more surfing with a Notepad window open, or emailing links to yourself, or saving pictures you like, or anything like that. Just take notes as you surf. How cool? More on that when it's released!


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