Thursday, May 4, 2006

Google Health Coming Next Week?

A writer from USA Today had a meeting with Marissa Mayer, senior VP of search products at Google on Tuesday. She told them a little about what we can expect at Google's annual press day, which is coming up this Wednesday, the May 10. (add to Google Calendar)

In her interview, which is linked to above, Marissa mentioned the possibility of Google Health...not sure exactly how it will work, but it has serious potential. Imagine a portal like WebMD...powered by Google. Wow.

She also talked about how video is going to be integrated into searches in the coming year. Read the article, it's pretty short and covers everything. :-)

Many other sites are suggesting that the GDrive might finally be announced at this press day. I certainly hope so.

(in other news, this is my 50th blog post...celebrate!)


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