Friday, March 3, 2006


The Internet is brimming with Blogs. They're everywhere and they cover every conceivable topic. They provide a forum for people to share whatever's on their mind, no matter what it might be. The concept is great, but I think it's being practiced very poorly.

Take the incredibly popular MySpace site. It allows users to create a digital billboard, so to speak, detailing anything and everything about them. Users can post pictures, videos, music, personal trivia, and make daily posts if they feel so inclined.

And it's getting out of hand. The danger described in the article is real. Out of sheer curiosity, I looked at several MySpace accounts (most of them belonging to my friends) and I was shocked to say the least. The amount of personal information on there is amazing. I can find out absolutely everything I would ever want to know about a person from his or her MySpace.

I find it interesting that while the news is so often showing stories of Internet fraud and identity theft and yet America's youth is blatantly and intentionally throwing their personal information out for all to see. And you know what's worse? Read Wired's cheat sheet for parents. It's messed up. :-(

I think we're just now seeing the tip of the iceberg here. And it's going to get worse.