Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Google Finance


Another quiet service release by Google. Again, not a major, life-changing development, but very cool nonetheless. It's Google Finance, which will directly compete with Yahoo, MSN, and stock trading sites to provide news and information about the world of money.

But just visiting the Google site shows you something...the page is amazingly uncluttered and easy to understand, which is certainly not the case with Yahoo or MSN. Also, Google Finance has some really cool, unique features...such as linking directly to related blogs, showing related news from Google News, snowing your recent stock searches right on the homepage, and all the information about the company you could ever want, all organized into a very easy to understand page.

There's also a really cool feature that will allow users to tie news stories directly to past stock prices. Meaning you can see immediately what a particular announcement or story did to the price right on the graph. Sweet!

Personally, I really like this...I'll definitely be using Google for my financial searches and it will be interesting to see how this gets tied into other Google services...

Read more at Google News.

UPDATE: After playing with it for a little while now, I am even more convinced of how great it is. The ability to drag the graph is just amazing....and I'm not even involved in finance! Imagine how awesome this tool could be for soneone who is. Or, could it get the general public more interested in financial matters...?


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