Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome: First Impressions

Google has finally launched the web browser that has been rumored for literally years. It's called Chrome and is based on the Webkit browser foundation. It's definitely still a work in progress and is still missing key features like extensions, themes, etc. But for a first draft, it's pretty incredible.

First off, it's FAST. I am literally stunned by how much faster it is than Firefox. It starts up almost instantly and page loading is incredibly fast. Everything about it feels quick and speedy. 

Secondly, it has some pretty slick new features, like a new Tabs page that shows your most frequent page loads and searches. It also has some cool features under the hood, so to speak, involving memory management and processor use. You can read all about it in this very well produced, comic book style document.

It's not a complete replacement for Firefox quite yet, especially on older machines due to its extensive memory footprint, but it is an incredibly impressive start. Definitely give it a try, you might like it. Check it out at google.com/chrome.


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