Saturday, June 21, 2008

Broken Air Conditioning

Yes, lovely, isn't it? I love it when the air conditioner breaks in the Florida heat. On the bright side, it was actually quite cool today with a nice breeze, so we just opened the windows and stayed pretty comfortable.

We came home last night around 9 and the first thing I said was, "Why doesn't it feel cold in here?" A quick check revealed that everything was operating properly, but the compressor inside the air conditioning unit outside our apartment wasn't coming on. So it would just continue to blow outside temperature air indefinitely.

We quickly opened windows and busted out our window fans. This morning, I called the maintenance number and one of the guys came over to take a look. Dum de dum dum...

Diagnosis? The compressor is completely shot. He said several pieces inside fell apart when he opened it up. The maintenance department used their last spare compressor yesterday and all the suppliers are closed for the weekend. It will be ordered on Monday.

So...that leaves us with no air conditioning until the new compressor arrives. Who knows when that could be. Hopefully it's fixed before my mom and Shanna arrive on Wednesday...but that's anybody's guess.

But like I said, it's been pretty cool today and the temperature should stay fairly consistent through next week. So, even if we have to deal with fans in the window, we should be fine.


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