Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Day (or two) in Court

So I heard several weeks ago that there was a possible chance that I would be called to testify in a court case involving the landlord of the building PALCS used to occupy. I didn't think much of it, and as the weeks passed, I forgot completely about it.

Then, suddenly on Monday I got a call telling me that I had to be in court Tuesday morning. Yikes! So I dressed more professionally on Tuesday and came into the office ready to drive over to the courthouse with everyone else who was going.

We got there around 9, but myself and one other witness were told that they wouldn't get to us until Wednesday, so we could go. Back to the office I went, ready to testify on Wednesday. On Wednesday, we were told to be at the courthouse at noon. We got there only to find that some rescheduling had happened, and the case wouldn't start until closer to 1. So we all got lunch. That was nice.

Then we returned to the courthouse. I was told, along with the other guy who was sent home on Tuesday, that we had to wait outside the courtroom and that we would be called when needed. Well. We sat out there for nearly 2 hours. It was boring as heck. I couldn't even play solitare or surf the 'Net on my phone because I didn't have my phone! Cameraphones aren't allowed in the courthouse, so it was all by itself in my car, probably just as bored as I was.

But all through the two hours, we kept thinking that we'd eventually get to testify in court, something neither of us have ever done. It would be a new life experience, you know?

But then, alas, the lawyer's assistant came out and told us that things were wrapping up and that our testimonies wouldn't be needed. So we left and returned to work. Sigh. :-)

And the most ironic thing about it is that I had this court thing this week and Shelsy has jury duty next week. How's that for timing?


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