Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Too many options

So I realized today how much I'd like to be snapping pictures with my phone and posting them on the 'Net. Photography is a lot of fun and camera phones have made it even easier. And the Internet is the perfect place to share photos. But...where to send them?

I could send them to Blogger (either this blog or a specified mobile one). Then my photos would all be in one place and accessible to anyone, worldwide. But how are people going to find my mobile blog? It's there, on the web, but no one will ever think to search for it. It'll sit there, all alone with no friends. But it'll be there.

I could send them to Facebook. Then all of my friends would see them instantly. They could comment, tag themselves or other people, and just generally enjoy my pictures. But...I have less than 60 friends. So...that's not very many people that can enjoy my shots...but they're all my friends. Hmmm...

I could send them to Flickr. Then the entire world has access to them, and the people of the world can find my photos easily by searching for the tags I give them (the photos, not the people of the world). But...I only know one of my friends who has a Flickr account, so he'd be the only one of my acquaintances who'd be able to see my photos.

I could send them to Picasa Web Albums...oh wait, Google doesn't support mobile uploads yet. Never mind.

Thus my dilemma. Where do I send my mobile pictures? Maybe I could set up something in my phone whereby I could send to all three places at the same time.

Do you post pictures from your phone? Where do you send them?



  1. As long as you mark your photos as public instead of only viewable to friends and family, anyone, even if they don't have a flickr account can view your photos, even download them if you give public permission.

  2. Yes, I finally decided on Flickr. I'm making an effort to send more pictures, all tagged "cameraphone." We'll see how I do. :-)