Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Almost there!

Well, we are now just days away from the day that will truly change our lives forever. And what an exciting change it is! We are each pledging our lives to the other forever. That sometimes seems like a scary concept, and I'm sure it'll come with its fair share of challenges, but I still find it exciting! :-)
Anyway, things are coming along just fine. Not too much new to report...we're packing tonight. :-) And I have to finish moving all of my stuff into the apartment tomorrow (well, not all, I suppose...just most of it). We're taking Friday off work and driving up to good ol' Williamsport to help get ready and set things up. I can't wait for the honeymoon! Its easy to forget that after all this stress is over that we still get to go on vacation! I'm so excited! Three days and counting!
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