Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google + YouTube = Brilliance

Yep, it's true. Google officially purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion. The 'Net is awash with news, opinions, and excitement about the purchase and everyone seems to have their own view. Well, here's mine. :-)

I think this is a bigger deal than most people do. If Google does it right, I think this could be a defining moment in the history of the Internet. I think they could combine this with their previous purchase of Neven Vision to make videos trulu searchable. Imagine going to YouTube and typing in a search for David Letterman, for example. Imagine if instead of just seeing videos which others have tagged with "david letterman" you instead saw all the videos in which his face actually appears!

It could be a reality. And I think it'll happen within a year or two. We live in exciting times! :-)

Read more at Newsvine.


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  1. I'm kinda unenthused about it. Google and You tube were kinda one and the same in my mind so...