Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Joy of Newsvine

I recently discovered an exciting new website for viewing, publishing, and searching news stories. It's called and it combines the best of Google News, Digg, and even MySpace into one of the best, most refined, and most interactive news websites I've ever seen.

Users can submit news articles they find around the web, they can write their own column or articles, and interact with the community.

And get can search for anything just by adding a /. The site is set up so that if you go to, it will search for all articles tagged with "ryan." It's a really easy to use and unique setup.

I am really enjoying Newsvine and I highly encourage all of you to try it out. Check out my Newsvine homepage at You will also notice that I've added a feed to the left of the articles I've submitted, or "seeded."


Read more about Newsvine at Google News or Wikipedia.


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