Thursday, April 27, 2006

This can't be good...

So...yeah, Nintendo has apprently announced the real name of their new video consol which up until now has been codenamed Revolution. And the new name...sigh...the new name is Wii (pronounced "we").

What the garbage? I can see the jokes starting now. The Internet is already starting to buzz...give it a few days before it totally explodes...

"Hey guys, I was playing my Wii this weekend..."
"You guys have to see the new game I got on my Wii..."
"Dude, you wanna come over tonight and play with my Wii?"

...right. This absolutely cannot be good. But that's how it's gonna' be. Check out this video at Nintento's website. It's well done, but still...Wii??

Read more at Google News.


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