Monday, April 3, 2006

The Best April Fools Stories

April 1st is a seriously fun day in the Internet world. Fake news stories pop up everywhere and sites across the 'Net change their look to play along. Slashdot went pink and flowery, Homestar Runner turned upside down, etc. Here's what I found to be some of the funniest, albeit fake, news stories this year:

China Buys Google - This is probably my favorite. The attention to detail is great!
Google Spy Satellite - Mad props for playing on something that bothers us all!
Palm Treo 700d - Note: You gotta' be really geeky to get this one...
A-ss Game Rating - ...I for one wish this were real! :-)
Microsoft Buys OpenOffice - The original link is no longer working. :-(
Google Romance - A new product from Google. This is freakin' histerical!

If you wanna' read about more funny Internet jokes, check out this page on Wikipedia. It's a complete list. Happy April 1st, everyone! :-)


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