Friday, March 31, 2006

Nintendo Revolution

[XBox 360, PlayStation3, Revolution]

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Details are slowly emerging about the upcoming game system from Nintendo, called Revolution. It seems like a very strange move for Nintendo to make, but maybe not. The system is decidedly less powerful than the PS3 or XBox 360, and yet Nintendo is consistently claiming it will sell well.

The one completely revolutionary aspect of the system is the controller. It's shaped like a TV remote control and is completely different from any other controller to date. It has sensors in it that allow the player to simply move the controller around to manipulate things on the screen. My initial reaction was, "What? No one will like that." But as I've been thinking about it, it just might catch on...

Nintendo keeps telling people that the system will do well. They tend to direct attention away from graphics abilities and more onto "what you can do with the system." They're banking on this new controller design to create revolutionary games.

I for one am very interested to see what happens. I really want to try this thing. Are we really looking at the "revolution" of game systems? That remains to be seen...

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