Monday, March 27, 2006

More on DVDs

Alright, this article is full of tech jargon, so I'll sum it all up for you and you can read the article if you feel so inclined. :-)

It looks like manufacturers are adding even more confusion to the HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray war that is almost upon us. It seems that, in an effort to prevent piracy, some companies are insisting that their new players display the picture through a very new cable, called HDMI. Very few High-Def TVs have the ability to play through this cable and without it, the new DVD players will cut the quality in half.

And with so many different companies pledging allegiance to both camps, there's no way to know at this point who the winner will be. Sony says their new PlayStation 3 will include a Blu-Ray drive, while Microsoft says that they might start including an HD-DVD drive in new shipments of the XBox 360.

Bottom line? Be careful. If you're buying a High-Def TV, make sure to get one with that new cable, just in case. But the best option, as the article says, may be to simply sit out this first round. Don't buy anything yet and wait to see who wins. Unless you're desperate for High-Def, that's probably the best idea. :-(


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