Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Google Drive!

Okay, so information is sketchy at this point, but I'll sum things up for you. Apparently, last week, Google accidentally released information about two new services that are on the horizon. The first is GDrive, and the second is Lighthouse.

GDrive is something people have been expecting for a while will allow users to store files on Google's servers, making them available from anywhere. Some rumors even say that it will work like Google Desktop, by automatically coping entire hard drive contents. Either way, this is just plain sweet...imagine no longer having to email yourself files you want to have available wherever you go!

Nobody really knows what Lighthouse is. There are speculations galore, but nothing concrete. For now, let's keep watching the news...this is very exciting!

Read more at Google News.


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  1. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Under no cercumstances will I ever put the entire contence of my hard drive to some other server.