Monday, April 12, 2010 Android apps list is a pretty awesome site for organizing, searching, reviewing, comparing, and sharing Android apps. I checked it out a while back and it was pretty sparse, but they seem to have seriously upped their game and the site is now quite powerful. There's an Android app that users install and the app syncs a list of all your other installed apps back to the AppBrain website. You can then chose to keep that list private, or share it with the world.

AppBrain uses all the data they collect to provide a nice web interface for the Android Market with some powerful features. Ready for this? Once you're all logged in and your account is created, you can install apps from the website. You hit Install next to an app you like, then go to your phone and tell the AppBrain app to sync. It syncs the apps you marked to install and installs them from the Market for you. How cool is that?

Above is my list of apps in the nice, embedable gadget AppBrain offers. You can also embed links, complete with QR codes, to individual apps, like I did below. All Android users should definitely check it out. If you find any awesome apps that I don't have yet, feel free to share them with me. :-)