Wednesday, August 1, 2007

YouthCamp 07 Day One

Well, the Flickr pictures didn't happen, did they? Partly because I was way too busy, and partly because I forgot. :-)

But. Today was certainly a noteworthy day. I can honestly say it was the most stressfull first day of youthcamp ever.

We got everything unloaded and set up just fine. The computer stuff was easy and didn't take too long. Apart from prematurely taping down my cables and having to rip it all back up, it went well.

The decorations proved only slightly more complicating than we thought, but they went smoothly for the most part. Two of the cutouts have fallen down and need to be taped to the floor so it doesn't happen again, but they look really good...I'll post a Flickr picture later tonight, hopefully.

No, all that went well. The stress came when I finished my videos and tried to get them from my Mac to the PC connected to the projector on the other side of the room. I brought a portable hard drive, but it was NTFS, so I had to format it as FAT32 so both machines could read and write to it. Didn't work. Neither machine would format the thing. I'll try again tomorrow.

So I needed a way to get 2 video files moved...and yes, I definitely forgot my usb drive at home. I finally found someone with a 4gb drive I could borrow and I got the files moved. But, of course, they were Quicktime files, which, naturally, my presentation program couldn't read.

Back to the Mac I went to export as wmv. I moved the files again and they worked! My stress was over. Not so. The sound guys couldn't make the audio work from the laptop into the sound system. Gah. After trying for a while (mind you, the meeting was 5 minutes late already, because they were waiting for us.
Suddenly, I remembered that I had a short audio cable that might work in my car. I sprinted out to get it and had to move the laptop over really close to the soundboard. Cozy.

Well, thankfully, it worked. I had to stay all squished against the board for a while, but it worked.

Sigh. What a night. Hopefully it goes easier tomorrow. :-)


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