Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving summary

Well, I noticed that I spelled some of my updates incorrectly and I seem to have skipped update number four, but hey...I was sending those from the frenzied black Friday battlefield, so I think it's okay. :-) I'll fix the problems when I reach a real computer tonight.
To summarize how black Friday 2006 went, let me give a quick recap. We left the comfort of the house at 4 am and arrived at our first stop, circuit city, at 4:30. The store opened at 5, but the line was already across the entire front of the store and to the back of the parking lot when we got there.
When the store finally opened, we rushed along with the rest of the shoppers to the front door. Just before we went in, I looked back. The end of the line hadn't even reached the spot where we'd been standing.
Once inside, we dashed around, grabbing the goods we wanted. We ended up getting everything we'd hoped to get.
Oh, funny story: so we all know that the PS3s are completely sold out, with no hope of actually getting one. Well, just after we got inside circuit city, one of the other shoppers grabs a PS3 display box, holds it over his head and runs down an isle telling, "I got a PS3! Woo hoo!" It was quite hilarious. :-)
Anyway, we paid for our goods and left, heading for best buy. But that idea was quickly dismissed upon seeing the line. You see, best buy uses a different strategy; they let the waiting mob into the store a little at a time, thereby keeping the crazed shoppers somewhat in check. But...that leaves everyone out in the cold for maybe hours longer than they'd intended. Not cool. Especially when what you wanted was only $15 off anyway. Not worth it. We moved on.
We went to the mall and met up with the girls. They'd made out very well at the department stores and wanted to drop their bags in the car. After that, we all went back into the mall.
We went to radio shack where I got that Bluetooth headset. Very nice.
Then it was time for some breakfast. But, as I said below, the line there was long, too. But we made it, and the nourishment was much appreciated. :-)
Then to kohls where I got a couple new pairs of jeans. Not too thrilling, but needed.
So that's the story! Definitely not the best black Friday ever, but very good none the less. :-) And I'm already looking forward to next year!
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